This section covers configuration of HoneySAP.

Configuration files

HoneySAP’s configuration is done using configuration files. The supported file formats are:

  • JSON
  • YAML

The YAML format is preferred and, if not specified, HoneySAP will try to load the configuration from the file honeysap.yml in the current working directory.

Parsing of the configuration files accepts some non-standard features:

Include statement

You can include another file from a configuration file.


You can use __include__ as a special key for specify that you want to include a file. The file name would be taken from the value of that key and replaces by the content of the included json file:

   "Some key":"Some value",
   "Some nested key":{


You can use !include as a special keyword for specify the file you want to include. The content of the included yaml file will replace the value of the key:

- Some key: Some value,
  Some nested key: !include path_to_the_file_to_include.yml


Configuration files can contain comments that will be omited when parsing the configuration.


You can use one-line comments by starting a line with the # character, or multi-line comments by using JavaScript notation /* comment */:

    "Some key": "Some value",
    # Here comes a one-line comment
    "Some nested key": {
       /* A multi-line comment
          this way */
       "Another key": "Another value"


The YAML notation supports comments by using the # character:

- Some key: Some value,  # Comments could be in any part of the line
  # Or at the beginning
  Some nested key:
    - Another key: Another value

Common configuration

The following options are related to the core configuration of HoneySAP and common to all services:


The following configuration options are related to the console logging output:

# Console logging configuration
# -----------------------------

# Level of console logging
verbose: 3

# Log events of all namespaces
verbose_all: true

# Use colored output
colored_console: true


Miscellaneous configuration options:

# Miscellaneous configuration
# ---------------------------

# Enable reloading after a change in one of the configuration files
reload: false

# Data store class
datastore_class: MemoryDataStore

# Trace raw requests in feeds
trace_raw_requests: True

# Address to listen for all services

SAP instance configuration

The following are configuration options related to the SAP instance:

# SAP instance configuration
# --------------------------

# Release version
release: "720"

# Hostname
hostname: sapnw702